Accepted papers

Accepted full papers:

  1. Failure Prediction with Hierarchical Process in Private Cloud
  2. Concept Stability Based Isolated Maximal Cliques Detection in Dynamic Social Networks
  3. MQWAGS :Research on Job Scheduling Algorithms Based on Cloud Computing
  4. MI-KGNN: Exploring Multi-dimension Interactions for Recommendation based on Knowledge Graph Neural Networks
  5. A System to Find the Change of One's Vision Implicitly
  6. Wavelet Analysis based Noncontact Vital Signal Measurements Using mm-Wave Radar
  7. Demand-Responsive Windows Scheduling in Tertiary Hospital Leveraging Spatiotemporal Neural Networks
  8. MobiVision: A Novel Energy-efficient Mobile Deep Learning Framework for Computer Vision
  9. MateBot: The Design of a Human-Like, Context-Sensitive Virtual Bot for Harmonious Human-Computer Interaction
  10. Using deep active learning to save sensing cost when estimating overall air quality
  11. An Improved Leaky-ESN for Electricity Load Forecasting
  12. MGCN4REC: Multi-graph Convolutional Network for Next Basket Recommendation with Instant Interest
  13. Interpretable Multivariate Time Series Classification based on Prototype Learning
  14. A Driver-centric Vehicle Reposition Framework via Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
  15. Multi-Attribute Query Processing Through In-Network Aggregation in Edge Computing
  16. An Efficient Data Prefetch Strategy for Deep Learning Based on Non-Volatile Memory
  17. Study on feasibility of remote metal detection using millimeter wave radar for convenient and efficient security check
  18. Long-Range Gesture Recognition Using Millimeter Wave Radar
  19. GradSA: Gradient Sparsification and Accumulation for Communication-Efficient Distributed Deep Learning
  20. Towards Fine-Grained Indoor White Space Sensing
  21. Quality-Aware and Penalty-Sensitive Opportunisitc Crowdsensing in Mobile Relay Networks
  22. A Novel UAV Charging Scheme for Minimizing Coverage Breach in Rechargeable Sensor Networks
  23. Localization research based on low cost sensor
  24. Evaluating mmWave Sensing Ability of Recognizing Multi-people under Practical Scenarios
  25. Behavior Fingerprints based Smartphone user Authentication : a Review
  26. User Behavior Analysis toward Adaptive Guidance for Machine Operation Tasks -- Analysis of behavior diverences through skill-improving experiments
  27. BED: a Block-Level Deduplication-Based Container Deployment Framework
  28. A Parallel Tasks Scheduling Algorithm with Markov Decision Process in Edge Computing
  29. Mobile Crowd-Sensing system based on Participant selection

Accepted poster papers (Short Papers):

  1. Prediction Technology for Parking Occupancy Based on Multi-dimensional Spatial-Temporal Causality and ANN Algorithm
  2. High-density Data Transmission and Scheduling Method in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on WiFi
  3. Defect Detection of Production Surface based on CNN
  4. An Image-Based Method for 3D Human Shapes Retrieval
  5. Multi-task dynamic distribution algorithm for passenger diffusion in mobile group perception
  6. Recovering Cloud Services using Hybrid Clouds under Power Outage
  7. Text Sentiment Classification Based on Multi-neural Network Feature Fusion
  8. Energy-Efficient Sensory Data Gathering Based on Compressed Sensing in IoT Networks
  9. A modified IPCM method for image segmentation
  10. A Robust Indoor Localization Model based on improved Niche Fishing Algorithm in Complex Environment
  11. Relative Floor Estimation for Indoor Co-Navigation: A Machine Learning Approach
  12. An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Multiple Search Strategy
  13. A drift detection method based on diversity measure and McDiarmid’s inequality in data streams
  14. Echo State Network Based on L0 Norm Regularization for Chaotic Time Series Prediction
  15. An Improved Sparse Representation Classifier Based on Data Augmentation for Time Series Classification